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November 2017 Newsletter

General Meetings

Held in the Ballroom
from 7:00-9:00 pm
on the following dates:

February 11, 2018
March 11, 2018
April 08, 2018

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Greenfield Village Tennis Club Captains Guidelines


In an effort to maintain consistency from year to year the Executive Committee has adopted these Standardized Guidelines to be followed by League Captains.

Captains are a key component of League play. Each, with their chosen Co-captain, is the leader and manager of their team.

They, with the League Coordinator, will be involved in selecting their team members from among available candidates when more than 2 teams are required at a level.

Captains are responsible to rank players according to their TenCap rating and play them accordingly until it is determined that they are better or worse than your initial ranking; at which time the player will be re-ranked.

Captains will coordinate League matches with their scheduled opponent captains; matching players so that you get the best possible competition.

Captains will host League matches scheduled for play at Greenfield Village.

Major resources for Captains are: Your League Coordinator, your fellow more experienced Captains and the EVSTL website. Captains should be familiar with the EVSTL Guidelines for Team Captains, which is now part of the EVSTL Bylaws 2016, attachment C. You will find the Bylaws on the league website at  
Bylaws, Captains Procedures, Section 2
      Putting together balanced partner pairings and match pairings
1. Captains are encouraged to schedule players to play with multiple partners.
2. Captains are to keep partner pairings as close as possible, within 6 rating points if possible. Compute the rating average for the partner pairing.
3. Captains should try to match the opponents’ Tencap rating average within 6 points. If this cannot be done, the two captains should discuss possible options.
4. The Tencap system will not count matches that have an average team rating between opponents greater than 10 points; the player Tencap rating number will not be calculated for that match.
5. Captains must indicate in the “Notes” box on the Tencap match page the names of players who may be playing up from a lower level.
6. Captains should designate borrowed players or play-up players as “substitutes” on the roster, and remove the “substitutes” following the match to maintain the team roster as accurate as possible unless certain players have the opportunity to play up often.


Team selection will normally take place at the end of the season in March for a level that requires at least two teams. However some changes may be made in the preseason to take into account players that are not available for play and new players being added to a team.

Receive from the League Coordinator:

  • League Schedule
  • Team Scorekeeper List
  • Court Washing Schedule
  • Attachment C of the EVSTL Bylaws, 2016


At the beginning of the season, Captains should prepare an information packet and distribute the following to their players:

  • Copy of league schedule
  • List of team members and phone numbers
  • Copy of Courthouse duties.(Captain will assign "volunteers" for the season)


Match Play Cycle

Day 1:


Ascertain from the opposition's roster how many teams you should ask for, keeping in mind the number of available players you will have.

Call or email the opposing Captain giving them the number of teams requested. Set up as many matches as possible. eg: 4 men/3women. Be sure to leave "message of intent" if no answer.

If you are the away team next week, respond to the Home team captain.

Day 2:

Assuming that you have confirmed the number of teams then, with the help of the Co-Captain, keep in mind the strength of your players and compatibility by utilizing past team records as a guideline and current TenCap rating to make up the matches. “Self-evaluated” players should, whenever possible, be placed in a position that is inline with where they are placed on the TenCap system to start. In TenCap, they may start at rank 1, 2 or 3 within their level.

If you do not have sufficient players to meet the opposition's request, go to the Opportunity Matches listed on the EVSTL site and check for available players. If no players are available there, you can request  a same level team in your club if they have any spares. If the first two options do not work, then a c player from a lower level that has a rating near to the next level up. It is the captain’s responsibility to make up their teams as they see fit to fill their needs. OM players should be played at a rank comparable to their rating.

If playing "at home", be sure to include who the Courthouse personnel are on the bottom of the sign-up sheet.

If playing "away" establish a time to meet at Courthouse to leave park. Be sure transportation has been arranged and directions provided.

Day 3:

Post sign-up sheet on bulletin board if you are doing it weekly or check the player availability sheet (that some Captains may be using) to determine who will be available for next weeks match.

For Home team matches, establish number of courts required for each round. ie: 4 first/3 second. Inform the court assignment person as to how many courts you will need and inform your head scorekeeper of the number of matches scheduled.

Days 4 & 5:
Check sign-up sheet daily for player's intentions and follow-up with player's that have not indicated their intention on the sign up sheet for next week.

Home team Captain will enter their players into the TenCap system.

Remind Courthouse personnel of their responsibilities and $ amounts allowed and that they are to keep receipts for reimbursement.

Prepare your half of the Match Play Log on your computer in the TenCap system and for the match log computer located near the court house.

If you make changes to the pairing later on, you must inform your opposing Captain of why the changes are being made.

The away Team Captain, will input this players into TenCap after they see the Home Team players.

ALTERNATE #1: (in case of issues with TenCap)
Fill in your half of the Match Log.  Have both your half of the Match Log and the
opposition’s roster (provided by coordinator or available from league web site) open on your computer.  THEN contact the opposing Captain.  As that captain gives you the names and positions of their players you can copy and paste the names from their roster to your Match Log.

ALTERNATE #2: (in case of issues with TenCap)
Fill in your half of the Match Log.  Email it, as an attachment, to the opposing Captain with a request to fill out their side and return it to you.  This could save you a great deal of typing.  Note: the latest version of the Match Log form has space for both your and the opposing captain’s email address.

ALTERNATE #3: (in case of issues with TenCap)
Have the opposing captain email you the name and position of their players.  You can then copy and paste from the email to your Match Log.

Make necessary changes to sign-up sheet and assign courts for play.  Keep in mind
any "special" player requests when assigning rounds.

Release any courts that you will not need for league play.

Day 6:

Complete your Match Play Log on your computer and print out a copy for league day. Remember to put the Match Play Log on a USB drive to allow you to transfer the Match Log to the Match Log Computer at the Court House

If playing "at home" prepare Score Sheets for scorekeepers.


Load Match Play Log on the Match Log Computer. Have Co-Captain confirm that the information on the Match Log computer conforms to the Match Log.

See Computerized Match Log instruction sheet provided at end of this document for further information. The document will also be posted by the Match Log Computer.

Prepare clipboards for Scorekeepers.

After the Match, both Captains will sign both Match Logs, confirming the final scores.

After the match, erase and store Match play board.

After the match, the home team Captain enters the scores on the TenCap system. and prepares a Match Log to be posted.

Print a copy Match Log to be posted on the bulletin board.

Keep the original with the opposing Captain's signature in your Captain's file.

As an away team Captain, you will verify that the scores entered on TenCap match the signed Match Log. Remember, ONCE VERIFIED ON TENCAP, SCORES CANNOT BE CHANGED.


Captains and Co-Captains are expected to attend the Captain’s meetings .

Captains will encourage team participation in attending regular monthly Tennis Club meetings which are held in the Ballroom on the first Sunday of each month.

Captains, throughout the season, will co-ordinate specific team duties associated with
Club functions such as Court washing and hosting invitationals.

Grievance Procedure For Captains And Players

Should there arise a situation of concern between captain and a player(s), the following steps should be followed:
Captain and player meet to discuss area of concern. It is understood that either the Captain or a player may initiate the meeting.

If the parties are unable to resolve the issue, the league coordinator will meet with the Captain and the player to work towards a resolution.

GV Tennis Club Executive Committee is the ultimate arbiter.

Mid season

Captains will provide team members without access to TenCap, a copy of their individual “stats”.
Captains will insure that all team players are familiar with the TenCap System.

At the end of the season in March, Captains shall determine which players plan to return in the Fall for the next season to play League and when they will be available to play. This information is to be provided to the League Coordinator.

Captains will compile and archive all league play records and other information acquired during the season.

Non-continuing Captains will assist with an orderly transition to the incoming Captain for the next season.

Selection of players for levels that require two teams will be made at the end of the season. Team Captains and League Coordinator will do the selection of players for the teams. Team selection shall try to achieve two teams that are of similar strength while keeping in mind that if a couple’s preference is to be on the same team, that shall be accommodated if possible.


On the day of your match

  • Put the coffee on at 8:00 AM .

Use one scoop of coffee for each ten cups.

Large coffee pot (80 cups)  for regular coffee
Small coffee pot (30 cups) (use regular coffee filter) for decaf coffee Small coffee pot (30 cups) for hot water.

  • Place cones on street; carpets on player benches, wall, & audience chairs.
  • Using anti-bacterial spray, clean counter and court water fountains.
  • Put out paper cups, napkins, stirs, creamer/sugar, tea bags/hot chocolate/hot cider, etc. (These are located on shelf with extras in the cabinet.)
  • Using rubber gloves, cut donuts in half putting part of them out at 9:00 am.. Watch to make sure supply is replenished as needed throughout the matches.
  • Set out fruit if available
  • Set out pitcher of orange juice & small cups


  • After the match, clean up the courthouse, leaving it the way you originally found it.

  Dump trash can.

  • Take home, wash, and return towels.
  • Put cones and carpet back in storage
  • Put coffee pots back on counter after putting the window down ( not on the floor)

(If for some reason you are unable to take care of the courthouse on the day assigned, please find someone to take your place). Any problems 

Computerized Match Log setup instructions 

Getting the keys 
Keys are kept in a strong lockbox in the kitchen on the lower stainless steel shelving next to the refrigerator. The box is attached with a cable to make sure it is not carried off by someone.  Pull the box and put it on top the table to work with it. 
Before you enter the code, put one of your hands on top the lockbox and apply light pressure, which helps the latch mechanism work better.

  • Enter the code
  • Remove the keys and lock the lockbox, being sure the cable is still attached at the side of the box.  Be sure to immediately put the lockbox back on the lower shelf so it is not knocked off. It is so heavy it would sure hurt to drop it on a foot!

Opening the cabinet and turning on the power

  • Brass colored key goes to the brass colored lock on the outside of the cabinet; silver key goes to silver lock on the computer lockbox inside the cabinet.
  • Loosen the connecting hardware on each side of the cabinet before opening the lock with the brass-colored key.
  • Raise the top lid. Then unlatch the bottom part of the clamshell front to the cabinet by moving the two securing bolts on either side to the center.  They are located INSIDE. If the latch on the right seems to stick, simply press on the cabinet, and it will then open easily.
  • Open the drawer where the computer, mouse, keyboard, and TV remote control are kept.
  • Turn on the power strip to the right.
  • Once you set up your match log and all looks good, you will then lock the computer inside the box so it is not carried off by someone when you are otherwise occupied.  Leave the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse out for you to use. Make sure to turn the power on to both of these, and remember to turn the power off when you store them again to conserve battery power.
  • You may want to set up a table and chair here for you to us, as it will provide a buffer so people don’t accidentally bump into the opened cabinet lower shelf.

How the computerized match log components are set up 

  1. We have attached the computer to the HDMI cable that goes to the TV. This should already be attached in the bottom hole on the back of the TV, which is HDMI1. If you don’t seem to get an image on the screen when you got through these other steps, ensure the HDMI cable if firmly attached to the side of the computer.
  2. If when you turn the computer on the TV does not see it, use the TV remote input button to select HDMI1.
  3. Use the TV remote to set the TV screen to WIDE to project a larger image.
  4. Do not tinker with TV or computer settings. The computer is set to autohide the ribbon. To show the ribbon, move to the edge of the screen and it will appear. Do not use TV picture setup to tinker with settings.
  5. Click on this and get rid of it. Minimize the other box as it goes through its steps.
  6. After filling out your match log, save it to the desktop in a folder named Match Logs, in the folder for your level of play (1.5, 2.0, 2.5 etc) with today’s date and level of play, such as 02-14-16 3.0. That way, your match log can be distinguished from others saved to this computer. 
  7. At the end of the match, copy your match log to a USB drive so you have a backup and can take it with you.

Working with the Excel spreadsheet that is the match log

  1. Open the match log Excel spreadsheet.
  2. The Excel spreadsheet that is our match log has a menu at the top. Because we are not connected to the Internet, you will see at the top of the spreadsheet a message to Update Now.
  3. If you see an Enable Editing button, click on that so you can edit the spreadsheet. You may see one if you use a different version of Excel than the one we have loaded on this computer.
  4. Use the mouse to work slider in lower right of screen to make the spreadsheet larger or smaller to fill the screen as much as possible.
  5. Again, use the WIDE button on the remote to make sure the spreadsheet fills the TV screen as much as it can.
  6. As you enter scores, put the first score in the first box, skip a box, then the second score in the next cell. If the score is 6-4, enter 6 in the first box, skip a box, and enter 4 in the next box. If you try to enter anything in the second cell, it will not take any data. The formula works only with skipping a cell.

Closing up and putting things away

  1. All components – computer, keyboard, mouse, and TV remote control go back in the inside lockbox. Lock it. If you are having problems locking, check to make sure the two cords at the back are lifted and up out of the way as you close the drawer and lock it.
  2. Turn off power strip.
  3. Close top of clamshell, close bottom and latch inside with bolts.  
  4. Lock outside box cover, then secure latches on both sides of the cabinet.

Greenfield Village Tennis Club Captains Guidelines pdf file