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November 2017 Newsletter

General Meetings

Held in the Ballroom
from 7:00-9:00 pm
on the following dates:

February 11, 2018
March 11, 2018
April 08, 2018

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January 2017 pdf
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November 2016 pdf







Player Ratings and Evaluation Rules




A.  Each club shall use league play experienced rating verifiers from their own club to rate their players using the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) guidelines.  To ensure new players are placed in the appropriate level, the member park’s rating committee should give them an on-court rating evaluation. This rating will be converted to an initial Tencap rating.

B.  Attachment B defines the rating levels in Tencap utilized by the EVSTL.

C.  Returning players:  If a returning player was unable to play in the previous season, the member park’s rating committee shall give the player an on-court rating evaluation.  If the player’s Tencap rating is to be changed, the Tencap Advisory Committee must approve the new rating.

D.  Players shall be placed on a team roster on a rating level that is in accordance with their Tencap rating and will remain on that rating level for the balance of the season unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws.   An exception that could apply and must be approved by the player’s club leadership would be if a player’s Tencap rating is one point away from or into the next rating level at the end of a season, then the player could be assigned to either level at the discretion of the club’s leadership.  The player’s Tencap rating would not be changed. 

E.  Players shall not play on a level that is lower than their team level unless otherwise permitted in these Bylaws.  

F.  Move-Up Criteria: 
1.  At the end of a season, a player who has earned the Tencap rating for the next higher level with a confidence level of 80% or higher shall move to the next higher level at the start of the next season.  
2.  Movement of players from the 1.5 level to the 2.0 level is determined by the rules of the member club.  Movement of 1.5 player to a level other than 2.0 must be approved by the Tencap Advisory Committee (see Section IX.H.)

G.  Move Down Criteria:  
1.  At the end of a season, a player who has earned the Tencap rating for the next lower level with confidence level of 80 % or higher shall move to the next lower level at the start of the next season.  Players at the 2.0 level shall not be required to move to the 1.5 level due to a Tencap rating, although players may be encouraged to do so if appropriate. 
2.  A club may not move a player down to a lower level of play for any reason other than long-term health issues, disabilities due to the aging process, or as noted in the "move-down criteria" section G.1. above. 

  • No player will be allowed or required to move more than one skill level per year regardless of the Tencap rating.  Exceptions may be requested by a club’s president to the EVSTL Tencap Advisory Committee.  The committee’s decision will be final unless appealed to the EVSTL president.


  • APPEAL PROCESS: A player may appeal a decision by submitting a written request to the Executive Committee. This must be done within 5 days of the decision. The player, their team Captain, the league Coordinator and the current Executive Committee will be required to attend the appeal meeting. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.
  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Any special circumstances, including, but not restricted to, disputes, will be decided/approved by the Executive Committee after recommendation by the League Coordinator and involved Captains.
  • These rules replace and supersede any previously passed Rating & Evaluation Rules for Greenfield Tennis Club.

Tencap Rating Levels

1.5 (77-70) Weak 77 Average 74 Strong 70
2.0 (69-62) Weak 69 Average 65 Strong 62
2.5 (61-55) Weak 61 Average 58 Strong 55
3.0 (54-48) Weak 54 Average 51 Strong 48
3.5 (47-41) Weak 47 Average 44 Strong 41
4.0 (40-34) Weak 40 Average 37 Strong 34
4.5 (33-27) Weak 33 Average 30 Strong 27